Free Shave Ice | Oahu, Hawaii

Free Shave Ice | Oahu, Hawaii

At the end of your tour, we'll give you free shave ice in exchange for your priceless feedback, so that we continuously improve our experience, and every day we offer "a better tour than yesterday."

Here are our Shave Ice Survey questions:

  1. What should we do more of?
  2. ❌ What should we do less of or skip?
  3. 🥳 How to really wow you next time?

So imagine, every day we:

  1. Receive feedback
  2. Evaluated it
  3. Prioritized it
  4. Implement it

Now imagine doing that, every day, for many years!

We're not the "cheesy, scripted, cookie-cutter, templated, go through the motions" kind of tour that we all worry about—we're travelers too, we know.

We're the "deliver exactly what our clients want plus surprise and delight them with more" tour 🎁

  1. Ask us about your free shave ice(s) 🍧🍧🍧
  2. Help us "surprise & delight" tomorrow's tour 📈

How'z it?