Free Shave Ice for Feedback

Free Shave Ice for Feedback

"Assume that you're always wrong, to some degree, and your goal is to be less wrong."—Elon Musk

We have great reviews, and we're proud of our tour, BUT, we're not perfect and never will be. Everyone has blindspots.

So in the spirit of continuous improvement, we've added QR code stickers in our vans for a "Shave Ice Survey," where we give our clients free shave ice in exchange for feedback.

Here are the questions we ask:

  1. What should we do more of?
  2. ❌ What should we do less of or skip?
  3. 🥳 How to surprise, delight, WOW, & impress you next time?

What this means for your tour...

It means that we have a daily pulse on where we're falling short, it lets us immediately incorporate necessary changes to improve our tour, and it also means that you'll get the best version of our tour—built on past feedback!

We'll never be perfect, but we aim to be, daily, and if you're on tour with us and are willing to give us feedback in exchange for free shave ice, we'd love to hear it!