Diamond Head Hike

Know before you go...

• You must book 14 days in advance. Learn more.

• Get there early — it’s cooler and it gets hot & crowded later.

• Go for sunrises & sunsets — no crowd, great views!

• At 5:50 am there’s already a line of cars by the gate.

• Take Water.

• $20 for a taxi.

• You can take a trolly from Waikiki.

• Wear comfortable shoes.

• Bring sunscreen.

• Take sunglasses (take off for tunnels though).

• If you don’t want to take the vertical stairs, there’s an easier path to the left.

• There's shave ice, burgers, chips, Acai bowls, smoothies, etc inside the crater. Acai bowls are good!

• Even though it’s open until X, they stop accepting new visitors at Y.

• Great food on Monsarrat Ave on the way to & from Diamond Head.

• Public restrooms at bottom (not top).

• Charge your phone in advance for great picts.

• Tunnels can feel claustrophobic.

• Bring a hat (there’s no shade).

• Bring credit card & cash.

• Take a flashlight if around early / late times.

• Uber to avoid parking.

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