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Circle Island Tour of Oahu

Adults $179 Kids $109

Fun Circle Island Tours of Oahu 🌴

We ❤️ Aussies!

Why we're different 🦄

We're NOT tour guides with name tags, and you're NOT names on a list 🤜🏽🤛🏽

Everyone knows you lose a lot of the connection with companies the bigger they get, so we keep ours small & boutique—mom 'n pop style 🚐

We're also all actively involved in promoting:

👑 Hawaiian History & Culture

🤙🏾 Respect for Hawaii's People

💼 Support of Local Businesses

🤝🏽 Community Building

🪴 Sustainable Tourism

We're really excited to share with you a true, authentic Hawaiian experience that you can feel good about and won't get anywhere else 🏝️

We're not a big bus tour (our van only seats 14) and we only take a few groups out at a time, so that everyone receives attention, all needs are met & nobody feels crowded or rushed 🚗

Instead of feeling like a tourist, you'll feel like you’re cruising around Hawaii with your good friends 😊

And if anyone in your group is shy or introverted, no worries. There’s plenty of space to be included & having fun, all while staying out of the spotlight and not feeling pressured 🌴

If you do, however, have a loud, extraverted goofball in your group who enjoys telling dumb jokes & thinks they’re way funnier than they really are… PLEASE bring that person!

Our tour is a safe space for people who think they’re funny... but aren’t 🤣

Sorry family members — we welcome bad dad jokes and we'll actively encourage him 🕺🏽

You'll spend plenty of time outside the vehicle, so that you'll get lots of fresh air, can move around and stretch your legs, and not be stuck in a big bus all day doing hop-on-hop-offs 🏝

We’ll make you 3 guarantees…

 1. We’ll maximize your fun time outside the vehicle ☀️

 2. We’ll minimize your time inside the vehicle ⏱️

 3. Your time spent driving between locations will be scenic & enjoyable ⛰️

Just to set correct expectations — if we do get hit with unavoidable traffic, our van isn't a hover craft, and in those cases we just have to put on some chill island tunes and "go with da flow" 🎵

We'll never take you anywhere for commissions or "kick backs."

We've actually arranged discounts at some places — like 15% off hand carved tikis at Ohana Island Creation's, and 15% off souvenirs and shave ice at North Shore Haleiwa's Aloha General Store 🍧

You'll feel safe on the road & get to check out all of the fun places without worrying about wild driving 🏎️

✅ Our driving record’s are clean.

✅ We only drive sober & well-rested.

✅ We’re not in a rush.

✅ We're 100% legal.

✅ We're commercially insured.

✅ We've recently passed all vehicle safety checks.

We also know where the high-theft areas are & how to prevent break-ins so that you don't lose all your valuables 🔒


1. Pick you up at your hotel 🏨

2. You’ll safely arrive at epic stops 🏝️

3. We’ll drop you off at your hotel in one piece 🏨

You'll be safe & comfortable all day so that you don't have to worry about a thing 🛡️

You'll even stay hydrated because we'll have a cooler of ice-cold Hawaiian bottled water waiting for you 🧊

You can also bring your own drinks 🥂

You can call or text us anytime so that:

📝 You always feel informed & prepared.

🙋🏽‍♀️ You have a new resource (Hawaii tour guides) to bounce vacation questions off of.

😑 You won't be sent to a call center to “listen closely because menu options have changed.” 

Call or text us anytime — even if it’s to tell us about your dog’s birthday & show us photos of all their new outfits 🐩

We're native English speakers, we speak clearly, and we're easy to reach... here +1 (808) 854-8778📱

You can also use the chat icon in the lower-right of your screen 💬

Your data privacy is important to us, and while other sites aren’t up to date with current security measures, our website’s secured with HTTPS and our booking system is "FareHarbor" — Hawaii’s most trusted booking system with bank-level security 🔒

You can safely book on our site without worrying your data will be sold, stolen, or that you’ll receive spam — we hate them too 😤

We sanitize our entire vehicle with hospital-recommended sanitizer so that you’ll feel safe and comfortable in a clean vehicle 🧹

We carefully choose our stops so there’s always something for everyone, and there’s lots of freedom so that nobody feels bored or stuck doing what someone else wants to do 😀

At one stop, someone might want to watch whales breaching, while others explore a lava tube 🌋

At another stop, someone might shop for unique souvenirs, while others sip ice cold coconut or shave ice 🍧

Or maybe some want to do a jungle photoshoot, while others want to hang with Hawaiian sea turtles 🐢

From junior to senior, active to inactive, introvert to social butterfly — we can juggle a mixed crowd and leave everyone feeling like the day was planned for them 🪄

We're passionate…

We love tour guiding and our primary focus is making your day as awesome as it can be, not just going through the motions ⚙️

It’s fun for us too — our office is Hawaii’s fresh-air outdoors, and our daily to-do list includes: 

🌅 Hawaiian sunrise

☕ Fresh local coffee

🤝 Meeting cool people like you

⛰️ Epic lookouts

🌰 Local macadamia nuts

🥥 Ice cold coconut

🍫 Pineapple white chocolate

🍤 Featured food trucks

🖼️ Local arts

🐢 Sea turtles

🍧 Oahu’s best shave ice

… so yeah, count us in! We look forward to every tour — you should come 📅

We sincerely want you to see & do as much as possible, and a year from now look back and still say “That was one heck of a day" 🍹

We're knowledgeable… 

We make Hawaii's most popular visitor maps for hotels! You’ll also learn about Hawaii without it feeling like a class 📚

We don’t know everything (we're human too), but we do know where everything is and we can organize almost everything you’d like to do into one fun & stress-free day 🗺️

We're down to earth…

We're NOT tour guides with name tags, and you’re NOT tourists on a manifest — we’re a team on one Mission:

Design your best day in Hawaii 🏆

You’ll feel relaxed, and not like everyone has to be on their best behavior — you’re on vacation!

You can imagine it like this…

We're good friends, you’re vacationing in Hawaii, we live here, we know where everything is, and we're taking the day off to hang out with you and show you the perfect day on Oahu... as your good friends would 🤝

That’s how we frame each day:

Show our good friends the best day they can have on Oahu 🥇

We'll also share important local insider knowledge with you so that you can improve the rest of your vacation ℹ️

Not only will you save money by fitting so much into a single day, you’ll actually free up more time on other days so you can do more, or have more beach time to relax ⛱️

🧑🏽‍🏫 Math time… 

Save Money + More Vacation Time + Tons of Fun = Great Idea 👍

Here are some titles of our reviews on TripAdvisor…

"A Must Do Tour!!!"

"Best way to experience all of Oahu."

"The highlight of our vacation!"

We also back our tours with a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee PLUS dinner on us at a restaurant of your choice 🦞

If our tour falls short of your expectations, we don’t deserve your hard earned money, owe you a sincere apology, and will initiate an instant refund PLUS dinner on us 🥘

Everyone in your group will feel our tour is a valuable use of their vacation time and worth the price — even if you're a parent worrying about your kids being bored 🥳

TripAdvisor Reviews 🏆


The best Oahu tour

Bucket List tours is the best Oahu tour. We had such a great day with our guide. He showed us all the highlights of the island. He was great with my kids too. Please go support this great company. We highly recommend them!!


A 5 star Island Tour

This Island Tour was fantastic! Our guide was the BEST! We didn’t know what to expect and he asked as soon as we got in the van- “What do you want to see?” There were six of us- three generations. He showed everyone what they wanted to see and more. It was definitely the favorite excursion of the whole family. He made the whole day a wonderful experience. It was a 5 star+ tour and we can’t say enough good things about our day!


Great day

Was a great day and our guide was super fun gave a great tour and great info along the way would totally reccomend I did this tour my 1st day there gives great glimpse of the island


Outstanding tour
We had a wonderful tour of most of the island. It was low key and were able to stop when and where we wanted. Our guide was very accommodating and informative. We learned a ton about the history of the the island. We would highly recommend booking with this company!

Tim & Vicki

Awesome Day of Exploration

We booked this tour on our first full day in Honolulu so we could get a tour of the island and see where we might want to go and explore on the rest of our trip. We had an amazing time. We were the only 2 and the trip was tailored to our interests. Our guide was a fun and had lots of interesting stories and information about Hawaii. His love for his home shines through and we saw some places we would never have found on our own. The time flew by and we would book this again and recommend it to our family and friends. The vehicle was air conditioned and comfortable.

Everybody Welcome 🤙🏾

Fun Couples

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Cousin Isi 🍗

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Oahu Circle Island Tour 🏝️

Spoiler Alert: You have lots of fun.

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